Friday, September 29, 2017

The new EP - 5 songs of social commentary- from the historical view of "White Rose" and "Voices of the Old Days" to a new version of "Pledging Allegiance," "Veteran's Day" and "Happy Fourth of July." You can listen here! 
 Guest artists Dan Whitley, Julie Last, Fooch Fischetti,  Lou Pappas, Andrew Borkowski, Alma Honal, Alex Sebastian, Brian Mellick and Timothy Kapeluck.
Co-produced with Kari Estrin.
Mastered by David Baldwin
Recorded at Osterwald Studios, Munich Germany, Majik Kabin Studio, Ascutney VT and Coldbrook Productions, Bearsville, NY

Art layout Rick Veitch
Cover art Z.P. Nikolaki

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