Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Box Of Letters" (Live) has arrived


 Available as both a download and a physical CD for you folks who like having the real thing in hand...plays well in the car too! Here's a bit of the backstory for this project:

A collection of live recordings of eclectic, cinematic, and original contemporary folk music from one of the unsung
songwriting masters of the early aughts and beyond..

Discovered by Shawn Colvin in the early 90's and immortalized by Judy Collins' recording of his song "Veteran's Day," Michael Veitch continues to ask the question…”what is a great song and do I have the answer?” “Box of Letters” is the answer with 13 tracks of live, acoustic, pure, unadulterated mature authentic songwriting presented in an all live “ first take” setting. It doesn’t get any better than this. Dating back to early 2000's, and filling out the time frame with a few later recordings, these are the essential tracks that capture Michael in his true presence and essence. Folk radio field recordings, live concert tracks, intimate studio first takes, this is “Box of Letters” a few warts and all.

Veitch has toured the US, Canada and Europe extensively, landing in Munich, Germany for a number of years, selected to play the Newport Folk Festival, hitting most every club and small festival in the US folk circuit, opening for just about everyone you can imagine, including an extensive tour with Shawn Colvin, multiple dates with Bill Morrissey, Livingston Taylor, Judy Collins, Susan Werner, Ellis Paul and many others. His songs have been featured on Neil Young’s Living With War website and Thurston Moore’s Protest War website, covered by Judy Collins and numerous other artists.

“ I am thrilled to have found this lost “box of letters” tucked in with all the boxes of stuff that has piled up over the years. My heartfelt thanks to the folk DJ’s and concert engineers who took the time to record my performances in such a professional manner and thank you again for having me in to your studios and to the many artists who invited me to open your shows.”


Saturday, March 26, 2016

New Release: Veitch Munich

A batch of  brand new songs written and mostly recorded in Germany. Available on CD Baby for download. 

Many thanks to Julie Last at Coldbrook Productions,  Rick Davis at Makik Kabin, Eric Parker, Kyle Esposito, Kirsti Gholsen, Fooch, Alma Honal, Solly Aschkar, and Alex Sebastian. And thanks to 
Aeneas Art ( Munich) and Rick Veitch for the graphics. 

Here's the link to a new video: https://youtu.be/nXKFSHxyb68

Monday, July 6, 2015

Postcards From Vermont Vol. 1 is now available in limited quantities-as a CD-signed $15 plus $2.50 postage-please email your mailing address and see paypal info below. You can also send a check to Michael Veitch PO Box 758 Woodstock, NY 12498

Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Veitch Boys Single- "Pretty Voices" 

Just under three minutes of pure pop with co-writer and bass player John Lynch, Mark Huntley on drums, and Julie Last on backup vocals. 

Available now for downloading---order below in the V-store

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Signed CD's will soon be here-to order, send $6 + 1.50 shipping to Burt Street Music PO Box 758 Woodstock, NY 12498 or paypal to veitchmunich@gmail.com-Surf On!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

        Welcome to the Veitchstore 

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   Here's the music!

 Postcards From Vermont Vol.1

                                A Full album with twelve songs on a download "postcard"

First of a two volume set of songs with a Vermont theme from a native born Vermonter. A mix of new and revisits including the original version of "Last Farmer In Vermont." It's not all sweetness and light but more a look at true feelings, memories, lost friends, childhood, home and a certain bridge from Bartonsville. Many of the tracks were recorded in Vermont including "Sunday Driving" Live at the Flynn Theater in Burlington. Melodic Acoustic Folk with a smattering of drums-guest appearances by Jerry Marotta, Kyle Esposito, Fooch, Sera Smolen, Jim Pittman, Mark Dann, and a very special duet with Solly Aschkar from Munich, Germany. Mixed by Julie Last. For more about this project and a track list, see www.veitch-postcards.blogspot.com

Here's my favorite review-


Here's a link to a recent live radio interview with Charlie Sylvestri-http://www.prx.org/pieces/105177-up-close-and-acoustic-with-michael-veitch#.UmW7s7kp0ig.facebook

Here's a review from the Chronogram-http://www.chronogram.com/hudsonvalley/cd-review-postcards-from-vermont-volume-1/Content?oid=2203605

more reviews for Postcards From Vermont:





                     Signed- $10 USD plus .50 postage

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                     Painted Heart Cover


                                 Painted Heart

This is the album I’ve always wanted to make and I can’t stop listening to it. Released in 2007 with performances by some of Woodstock’s greats including Artie Traum, Jerry Marotta, Ed Sanders, Pete Levin, Bar Scott, Mark Dann, Josh Roy Brown, Kyle Esposito, Chuck Cornelis, Peter Beuttner, also Steve Holly, Mike Lindauer, Sara Smolen, Bruce Milner, Kirsti Gholsen, Billy Clockel and Joshua Pearl,  flawless production by Julie Last, and some of the most developed songwriting I think I’ve ever done, it’s complete in every sense. Old saying from the songwriter’s bible: “It helps to have lots of turmoil in your life to bring those chestnuts out of the fire.” Lot’s of chestnuts in here for sure. Sound clips are here 

Signed CD- $15 USD plus $1.50 shipping 
Here are some Reviews of Painted Heart



features the song "Veteran's Day"

Heartlander weaves in and out of the dark underbelly of the American landscape. A lone car traveling into the vanishing point starts the journey “through the heartland” where trouble is too big and you can be shot in a church for doing nothing but being afraid. Trains whistle in the night and a far off land lives where you know you never will. War robs us of our young and our history of pushing the unwanted west through the heartland lives. The “woman” of our dreams does her best to console while the lone guitarist presses on through the booze and the sawdust. Midnight walking in “old wedding day shoes” and through the woods where something horrible once happened. Realizing one cannot save those who won’t be saved, including the man behind the mask, whether priest or pagan. In the end it all lives in here our own heart, where the corn and grain are stored, the down, the out, and even the “perfect day.” Released in 2004.

Signed CD- $15 USD plus $1.50 shipping 

Download Heartlander tracks at iTunes

Southern Girl 

Southern Girl

Southern Girl is my year 2000 studio recording of all new songs in front of a live audience with no overdubs and very minimal editing (we took out most of the applause). The great energy of my live show is captured by the best microphones and recording equipment going. The songs, for the most part, were written for the Monday Night Songwriter’s Exchange held at Jack Hardy’s in Greenwich Village. Combined with over five years of therapy at that point, I felt I'd tapped into subjects and melodies I could not have reached without my own “observing ego” and Jack’s room full of songwriting “observing egos.” I thank all who helped bring this work to life. Released on Silverwolf, Produced by Murray Krugman.

Signed CD- $15 USD plus $1.50 shipping


NY Journal


NY Journal

NY Journal is the first “fully produced” record I made which utilized expert studio musicians, an experienced producer, two folk divas, and a state of the art recording atmosphere. Many of the songs had been in my set for several years but a few came in just in time for this project. Shawn Colvin’s voice on the duet “Anybody But You” added an amazing dimension to the songcycle. The harmonies we sang live, with each of us watching the other in separate sound booths (quite the folk moment!). Of course, having Susan Werner in for a whole day of recording was a really magical time as well. Her piano work is some of the best I’ve ever heard. “TRU-LUV” still gives me a shiver when I hear it. NY Journal also marks my first foray into CD booklet design. I can identify now with how Joni Mitchell must feel, after seeing my photography wedded to my music. And working with Producer Murray Krugman and Engineer Chuck Eller went so well on this project; it was great to work with them both again on “Southern Girl.” Released on Silverwolf  1998.

Signed CD- $15 USD plus $1.50 shipping

Overseas sales on all CD's will be based on the current postage cost for mailing per country.